About Me

I am a writer and aspiring author living in the rural countryside near Perth, Ontario, Canada. I live with three cats, a dog, a man, and a whole lot of wildlife on 130 acres of forest and abandoned farmland.

I write both fiction and non-fiction.

Non-fiction: My primary project is a field guide to moths, co-authored with friend and fellow moth-enthusiast David Beadle, to be published as part of the Peterson Field Guide series in spring 2012. I am also working on a proposal for a “discovery guide”, a book that introduces the reader to a wide spectrum of organisms and encourages them to search them out themself, sharing interesting bits of information about each. Eventually I would like to write literary non-fiction, but I’ve got some practicing to do before I get there.

Fiction: Fantasy was always my favourite genre among the books I read growing up, and it remains so today. This preference has been reflected in my novels. The first novel I tried writing was adult epic fantasy, the next YA science fantasy, and my current work-in-progress is YA modern fantasy. I’m still discovering my particular niche, but with each new project the story has felt more intuitive and natural. I doubt the first one will ever be published. The second one may or may not have a chance if I put some work into it. I’ve got my fingers crossed about my current WIP.

I am currently represented by Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency.

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